🎄DevTools Advent Calendar 2023

Embark on a journey of professional growth with our unique Advent Calendar for Software Engineers. Tailored for 2024, this calendar unveils 24 indispensable tools, each poised to significantly enhance the skill set of a senior software engineer. Every day, unlock a new tool and dive into an insightful blog post that not only explores its functionalities but also demonstrates how it can be a game-changer in your development workflow. This Advent Calendar is more than just a daily reveal; it's a roadmap to mastering the tools that define excellence in software engineering.

1Dec 1

JQ JSON Processor

Extract information from JSON, reshape the data

2Dec 2

Mermaid diagrams

Beautiful diagrams for websites and docs.

3Dec 3

SSH tunnels

Safely access resources using ssh

4Dec 4

Graphviz diagrams

Fastest way to construct diagrams in command line and scripts

5Dec 5

Static website hosting

Optimize cost while making website faster

6Dec 6

GitHub Co-pilot

Increase productivity with AI

7Dec 7

JavaPoet and other codegen tools

Write code that writes code (that writes code)

8Dec 8

Supabase / firebase

Build backend without writing code

9Dec 9

Basic frontend

Why backend developers should know frontend

10Dec 10

Structured/json logging

Why and how to use structured logging

11Dec 11

Antlr4 and other parser generators

How to write a parser

12Dec 12

Cheaper ChatGPT with API keys or local LLMs

Save on ChatGPT subscription by using API keys or local LLMs

13Dec 13

Command line copilot

Copilot can be used inside command line tools

14Dec 14

Are design patterns still relevant?

Are design patterns still relevant?

15Dec 15

How to make your SVG interactive

Make your graphviz or mermiad diagrams interactive

16Dec 16

How to save state in the URL

Make static sites shareable

17Dec 17

AI voice over to your videos

How to use AI to generate voice over for your videos

18Dec 18

Config files format

Best config files format in 2024

19Dec 19

Top 5 react hooks you need

Extra hoooks to add to your project

20Dec 20

Write MermaidJS markup programmatically

How to generate MermaidJS markup programmatically

21Dec 21

Edge computing

What is edge computing and why it is important

22Dec 22

Migrate from Gatsby to NextJS

How to migrate from Gatsby to NextJS

23Dec 23

Introduction to web assembly

What is web assembly and why it is important

24Dec 24

Use Docker locally

How to use Docker locally for NextJS and Postgres